A great dedication of Phase 2

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A great time was had last Thursday with our Archey Fork partners and friends in Clinton. The city of Clinton kindly hosted us all to a fantastic fish fry, following the dedication of the project, and we can’t say thank you enough. We are lucky to work in such a great community!

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The project tour promptly followed the dedication where the methodology for restoring the river was explained.  All the new structures in the river, including the toe-wood, J-hook, and boulder riffles were showcased and their function in the river described.  If you missed it, no worries!  As mentioned at the event, The Nature Conservancy will continue to monitor the project, irrigate the newly planted vegetation, and fund-raise for Phase III of the project over the next six months.  If you are interested in volunteering in any of these efforts, please email Joy DeClerk (jdeclerk@tnc.org) we are always looking for new friends in the community that are interested in getting involved!   Thanks again to the City of Clinton for the wonderful fish fry and to Southwestern Energy, without your substantial contribution this project would not be a reality.

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